Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Transportation, Distribution, and Logisitics

      One of my careers in transportation is construction carpenters. They construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, and wallboard, using carpenter's hand tools and power tools. With out construction carpenters we wouldn't have people to fix our town's destruction from storms. My other career is avionics technology. They install, inspect, test, adjust, or repair avionics equipment. Avionics helps people get their mail from another state. Also, help drivers know where to go. These two careers do not really effect the other clusters I have completed research in.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Government and Public administration

      They two careers I chosen was coroner and mapping technician.  My step dad was a coroner and it is an interesting job. It relates to my career by having people skills. Vets have to deal with the owners of the pet. Coroners have to deal with dead bodies and relatives of the person. It is not really the same thing but it both involves people skills. Mapping technician sound pretty interesting to me. I wanting to know what they do. They do not really relate to a vet. They do both use math in their job.